What is a Dowser?
 by Joe Smith

Dowsers are just about any body. 90% of the people on earth can dowse if they wanted to. It is not a special gift to a chosen few.

Dowsers look for water, lost items, lost people, lost planes, oil, gold, pets and so on. Any way you can think up a question you can get an answer by dowsing. Dowsing is like playing a piano, the more you practice the better you become. Dowsing is now used to locate health problems, what vitamins to take, Business deals (good or bad), Stock market, weather forecasting, storm watching, ( tornados) .. Planning trips, and many more .

We as humans have much more brain up there than we use. Dowsing is a sixth sense, we all have it. If you have any intuition you have a sixth sense right there. All dowsing does is develop the sixth sense to a greater degree. Dowsing can be done on site or even on maps of the area you are searching.

An example of that is this last week. I was asked to find a possible water well site on an island in B.C., Canada, and also to find a well site for an oil well driller in west Texas, not for oil but for a water well they needed to be able to drill the wells. I also dowsed a location of a downed plane in Idaho. All this was done on maps. How successful was I? Haven't heard yet.

Dowsing for my wife and I began in 1974 when we needed a water well on the farm to save a soy bean crop in a drought. I had seen dowsing before. My wife's granddad could dowse, and they called it water witching at that time. I got hold of a fellow in Tecumseh who could dowse and he came over and asked for a map of the farm. Then he proceeded to swing a pendulum over the map to see where there might be a spot to drill a well big enough to help us out. My wife went into the other room so he couldn't see her laugh. She thought , OHH yeah , this won't work.

Well it did and I was hooked , so I learned to dowse, or at least started to learn. In a year or two my wife decide to join me in our dowsing and we have been dowsing ever since. Are we always right? No, we are not , but I'm not broke yet and we spent a lot of money on oil wells. Made a lot of money decisions on the strength of the dowsing, am glad to say most have been good ones.

There is a dowsing Organization called the American Society of Dowsers. It was started for a place where people can learn dowsing. They have about 4 conferences a year all over the states. There are some where 4500 members at this time. Canada also has a dowsers group , actually two of them. So what I'm trying to tell you is we are not nuts and there are lot of us that belong to the ASD, but there are a lot of dowsers out there that don't belong to a group. Free lancers so to speak. They know about the area of their interest but miss out on so much that they could learn from others about all the other types of dowsing.

Dowsers are the most giving people in the world, they try to help any body any time. Dowsing can become a way of life. There isn't hardly a day goes by that I don't do some dowsing for some body.